How does your business look on social media? Maybe you have social pages set up for your business, but are they updated? Have you ever wondered if your posts are making a difference for your business? These questions are just some of what many business owners ask themselves.

Nuleaf Marketing Solutions can take some of this burden off of your shoulders, and answer your pressing questions about how to effectively talk to your customers on social media! Our team of social media experts can craft content that makes your brand look great, and also helps your business gain and retain customers.

Social Notes

  • 86% of B2B social content is outsourced content creation
  • 30% of that B2B distribution is outsourced
  • 91% of followers will visit the brand’s website
  • 89% of followers buy from the brand
  • 85% of followers recommend the brand to family
  • 57% of consumers follow brands to learn about new products

Keeping Top Of Mind

Stop Getting Lost In All Of The Social Media Chatter

How to Create Great Content

With all of the chatter on social media it can be impossible for businesses to be noticed. After all, how can your latest update compete against cute kitten pictures? Don’t give up! You just need the right kind of content to help you stand out!
Creating great content is what we do. Whether on social media, writing for SEO, or another of our services. We are content makers! So why not let us help you take command of your social media profiles and actually start getting results!
Here are some of the things we consider when managing your social media:

Did you know that 45% of people who unfollow businesses do so because they say the content was irrelevant? How can that be possible? If they followed your business it must have been relevant at one point. Unfortunately some businesses just don’t know what to post on their pages, which leads to people leaving.

It’s a simple fact: When people interact with your page it gives you a boost! Not only is this a sign that your efforts are working, but it also moves your page UP in the social network’s algorithm (Facebook is notorious for promoting engaging content over content that doesn’t get engagements).

Since most business owners tend to their social media when they have time they tend to post at the worst possible times of the day. While burning the midnight oil and posting before bed might make you feel accomplished, your posts are probably not getting seen. We analyze your audience to determine the optimal time to make posts for your business.

Should your posts be funny or factual? Should you be friendly or serious? Having the right mood for your posts will determine whether or not people engage with you. We look at your customer demographics and behavior to determine the best mood for the posts that we publish on your behalf.

Social Channels We Can Help With

Let Us Build Your Social Media Portfolio

Every business needs to determine where to invest their efforts with social media. There are so many social networking websites and apps that it is simply not possible for the average business to be everywhere. And, for most businesses, being everywhere is not even a good idea! Choosing the best networks that fit your business goals is key!

Every social network attracts unique types of individuals, demographics, and leads to specific types of actions. Some networks are better for engagement (i.e. building brand affinity), and other networks are better for generating new business leads. Take the guesswork out of where your business needs to be, and let us help you build a social strategy that works.

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