Reach cord cutters! We can put your video commercial in front of modern television viewers. Gone are the days of TV antennas, cable, and satellite. Today’s viewers use Connected TV devices (we call these CTV). You know the devices–smart TVs, internet connected Blu Ray players, game consoles, Roku devices. More than HALF of TV viewers prefer streaming content over linear TV. Who doesn’t want to watch their favorite show whenever they want?

The content that we watch on our CTV devices is called OTT content, which stands for Over The Top. Over The Top content can reach ANY device that has an internet connection: Computers, smart phones, tablets, and yes CTV as well.

OTT/CTV Numbers

  • 68 million US homes use OTT streaming
  • 31 million US homes switched from cable
  • 51% of US adults use at least one OTT service
  • OTT users stream for 2+ hours per day
  • OTT advertising exceeds $8 billion per year

Put Your Message On CTV Devices Like These

Sophisticated Consumer Targeting

Stop Wasting Your Ad Budget On The Wrong Viewers When We Can Reach YOUR Customers

Leveraging Data

Why would you put your ads in front of millions of people when you really just want to reach a specific demo? Traditionally TV advertisers were restricted to buying time slots that might have your target demos. But with OTT/CTV advertising we aren’t concerned with time slots or specific programming–instead we target the customer. Using our massive database of 1st party data we can reach people based on their likes, preferences, and more!

We can import any existing list of addresses in order to show ads to only those individuals. This can reengage stagnant customers and create entirely new levels of loyalty. Our addressable data is GPS based and is accurate down to the foot.

We have thousands of data points available which allows us to target consumers in just the right category. Our first party data is unstructured, which means that we can create our own categories (i.e. people who are both a homeowner + interested in cooking).

Age and gender are just two basic examples of what we can do with demographics. We have complete data on martial status, income, education, parental status, homeownership and more!

Our campaigns can target long or short form content. This gives our advertisers extra flexibility if they want to reach audiences who are highly engaged in long form programming versus short videos.

We link all household devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and CTV devices. This allows us to execute true omni-channel marketing efforts. By reaching the same person through multiple mediums we drastically increase the possibility of the business getting a sale.

Our OTT/CTV solution can attribute both online and offline conversions. We don’t only count clickthroughs but physical store visits! This is possible because of our cross-device linking.

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