Geoconquesting technology lets you lasso in your ideal customer through precise targeted advertising. Imagine being able to draw a perimeter around a certain location where you know your customers are likely to be hanging out. Anyone who enters that location would be given a location-based ad. Through geo-conquesting, your ad is placed in front of a potential customer even before your competitor’s ad are seen.

In order to use geoconquesting correctly you must have location data. Once you have complete and accurate location data you will be able to target ads to whoever where ever you want. By creating a virtual fence if you will you can get your ad in front of everyone say at a sporting event, concert, mall or any other area where people gather.

Quick Stats

  • 2 trillion Google searches per year
  • 70% or more of searches are on Google
  • Half of searches are on mobile
  • 130 trillion web pages indexed by Google

Basics Of Geoconquesting

Taking Over The Competition


We define a virtual fence around an area.

Those people will start to see your business being advertised on their phones right away.

For the next 30 days they will remain a part of our advertising list.

We add these people to a custom marketing audience thanks to location services on their mobile device.

For the next 30 days we will show them ads for your business, and track whether or not they enter your business.

Because we are able to track everyone who is a part of the campaign, we can produce detailed reports showing not only how many people entered the area, but how many converted. This includes people who see the ads online, click the ads online, and even the people who eventually visit your business!

We target anyone who visits this location
We then display our ads

Re-engage Your Customers

You don’t have to limit yourself to only targeting new prospects. Geofencing is the perfect way to reach your current customers too! Deliver any message you want to those who already shop with you!
Ready to go beyond the basics? We can also offer addressable geofencing! With this technology we can target your customers with online advertising based on their home address. Simply provide us with a list of your customers and we can build an ad campaign which will show your message dozens of times instead of just the one time that you would get with a junk mail campaign.
We can create separate addressable campaigns for different customer groups. Want to reward your best customers with an exclusive coupon? We can do that! Want to bring back those lost customers by letting them know about the latest products you’ve added? We can customize the creatives for each group.
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